New Jersey Roads - CR 552

It's ugly, but the MUTCD probably says "pass."

WB and EB at CR 557, which luckily runs right next to railroad tracks. Part of the luck is that Cumberland County by and large has not replaced its old button copy crossbucks, meaning you'll see several of these on pages in this area.

Two curiosities on Spur CR 552 WB. Yes, I said Spur, so that's the curiosity of the second photo (it's very wrongly reassuring to drivers who missed their turn). The first photo, at Snyder Ave., shows you a county route that you won't find in the SLD. In fact, it's pretty much the only one missing in the 600's. Snyder Ave. was given back to Millville some time ago, and this shield predates that by some degree as well - it was old enough for me to photograph, after all. The moral of the story is not to trust the signs on Spur CR 552.

See, here's another one, and you're still reading the same page. This is between West Blvd. and East Blvd. in Vineland, so named because they're on those sides of this railroad. This time, the westbound crossbucks was new.

Westbound across NJ 55 to CR 553, which does indeed next intersect NJ 49.


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