New Jersey Roads - Spur CR 550

There are three things wrong with this photo. The arrows with directional letters are fine, but if you look closely you'll realize it's an N↔S turned 180 degrees - the S is definitely upside-down. The next one is on the other assembly, where if you noticed Spur CR 550 magically turned from South to West. Cape May County has it as South the whole time, while Cumberland County has it as West. As I said, Cumberland County - meaning that this shield got borrowed from the wrong county! The third error is obviously the SPUR sign. The NJDOT Straight Line Diagrams say that the entirety of the route is E-W, but because it begins and ends in Cape May County, which disagrees with that assertion, I'll call it a draw for now.

WB at the only bend in the route (it does duplex with NJ 347, but that's 347's fault for taking over a short piece of Spur CR 550). Cumberland Co. wanted a regular bent-left arrow for the 550 sign, although it's not incorrect to say that it continues behind me (but I can't legally drive that way), and they also wanted a straight arrow that's not a 90-degree rotated left/right arrow. Note that what's 550 Spur in Cape May Co. is Spur 550 in Cumberland Co.

The exact same problems pop up eastbound. Eastbound here is facing northwest (and the WB shield atop this page is facing southeast in the same spot), which is another argument supporting Cape May Co.

Back in Cape May County, the direction changes again at the end of the route. It's nice to know that we're again heading south, but it should be END, not SOUTH (and having both is discouraged).

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