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CR 550

CR 550 ends a few rods west at NJ 47, but most traffic (such as it is) turns right here at the squared-off shield to rejoin 47 NB shortly. Photo courtesy Scott Colbert. That's my first use of rods on this site...

Old Cumberland County bridge along the western reaches of CR 550, which soon enters Cape May County to stay.

Since most of NJ 55's traffic uses NJ 47, NJDOT decided it could use Cape May County's roads to get beach-weary travelers home faster, bypassing the most congested parts of NJ 47. It would help if the first sign weren't direction-confused... or maybe it's just curious and wondering if it's really straight or not. Actually, these are part of two different signed bypasses, and both photos are courtesy Scott Colbert. The first shield is on the first one, which is CR 550 WB to CR 557 NB to NJ 49 WB to NJ 55. The second shield, with accompanying nonstandard sign, is on the alternate and less preferred route, CR 550 WB to NJ 347 NB to NJ 47 NB (see, that last bit makes it bad). Straight ahead in the second photo is Spur CR 550.

My own photo WB at Spur CR 550, with tiny advice to stay on the main 550 to get to NJ 47. That is true if heading north and out of Cape May County, but not true if one is for whatever reason heading down to Cape May by going west and then southeast.

EB at CR 605 and then facing the other way (SB on 605), with Cape May's proprietary font that I think no other jurisdiction would really want to copy. (I'm sure it's actually a standard computer font, but I'm not particularly interested in finding it myself, because then I'd be subjected to more of it.) CR 605 is a good candidate for the extension of Spur CR 550 northward - look at a map and you may agree.

Old-ish county shields, WB on CR 550 at the beginning of the short multiplex and EB along it, first photo courtesy Scott Colbert.

EB at CR 610 in Mt. Pleasant. I wonder if the LGS uses the same font as the county route shields, or if Cape May actually is using FHWA font but just needs a much better sign engineer. (I understand that more sign costs more money, but come on, everything is touching!)

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