New Jersey Roads - CR 547/CR 528

Southbound through a duplex (starting with the shields atop the page) to NJ 70 in the last photo. Yes, southbound, not westbound - only 528 goes that way. I'm already on CR 547, so I can't junction it, but apparently Ocean County considers CR 528 the main route here (based on directionality).

Here's the same problem at the southeast multiplex beginning.

New Central Ave. EB ends at regular Central Ave. in Lakewood. Ocean County fails at shields.

CR 547 leaves CR 528 and rides with US 9 through Lakewood, despite lack of unusual overhead 547 signage. These are SB.

Well, at least one of the signs is still button copy, northbound at I-195 Exit 31.

SB through the I-195 interchange. CR 549 begins just to the south, and 547 meets CR 524 just to the north.

That said, I continue north onto the CR 524/547 duplex.

Now southbound with CR 524 EB, past Belmar Blvd. The error of the "TO" is compounded by the omission of the 547 shield later on. Since I wouldn't have taken a photo of a non-error, I don't know how well CR 547 is signed otherwise.

Old signs SB leaving NJ 33/NJ 34.

Wayside Road was split in half by the Garden State Parkway, whose overpasses can be seen in the second photo. Both of these are on CR 547 SB, which then proceeds to have a new, short multiplex with Monmouth CR 38. The first and last of the four Parkway bridges are the originals, with much older concrete and a pleasant arch cutout, while newer, rectangular, steel-beam bridges are on the inside for the express lanes (this is just north of the Asbury Park toll plaza where the roadways diverged).

Old font and tacked-on (but still old) directionals, on Hope Rd. SB past NJ 36. Apparently Monmouth County has been doing this style of directional signage for quite some time.

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