New Jersey Roads - CR 546

CR 546

Photos start in the east and head west, because that's what I did. Twice.

Reed Rd. northbound, far enough west of NJ 31 where it's not related. It probably has to do with the state-constructed 1930 railroad bridge immediately to the west - thanks to SPUI for uncovering that fact.

CR 631 begins a few feet west of Reed Rd. and heads north.

EB at Ingleside Ave. just across from Reed Rd., a reflector sign every bit as old as the white distance sign. And across CR 546 from there, an even older house.

I U-turned for the second sign (which used to be brown) and ended up with both of these, eastbound at Scotch Road.

First oldness, then tininess.

This is at the bottom of a driveway into the Washington Crossing State Park, which I wasn't supposed to turn into, but who's going to stop me from getting this photo? The back plate probably covers up all the rivets that hold the S, T, O, and P in place, and may even prevent the reflectors from falling out.

This is the Washington Crossing Bridge in just about the exact location that Washington crossed the Delaware when he famously came north to attack the British. Click to drive into Pennsylvania.

Still photos of the WB bridge approach.

Pedestrian perspectives walking west to historic Washington Crossing, PA.

Southward and two northward views along the Delaware River, placid and easily crossed in a nighttime snowstorm when fleeing Hessians.

Choose your pipe to drain excess D&R Canal water back into the river.

River Dr. SB just east of the bridge, then turning east onto CR 546. There aren't multiple lanes anywhere near here for keeping right.

Since I had to show you the cat-eye stop sign before getting to Washington Crossing, we'll call this the best for the purpose of it being last. It was erected by Jersey New in the 1920s or 30s. That's what JN means, right?

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