New Jersey Roads - CR 545

Nice to know New Jersey has the Ultimate Weapon, hm? This is on CR 545 at the southern entrance to Fort Dix. 545 drops its signage inside the Fort, and if you take the wrong fork you can end up driving for a dozen miles eastward on Range Road with no way out until CR 539, instead of finding the other end of 545 (the direct straight-through old routing of 545 is barricaded - gee, wouldn't it be nice if it weren't). Can you tell which fork I took?

SB at and across CR 537 (which has the pair to this little sign, see link below).

Not particularly old, but particularly northbound and not westbound, at CR 545's closest approach to NJ 68 (200 feet away).

Just north of there is the north end of CR 543, here seen SB.

Turning onto the beginning of CR 528 from CR 545 in Bordentown. To see what year the Bordentown Female College erected this, click on over to the 528 page.

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