New Jersey Roads - CR 544/NJ 41

and CR 544/NJ 41

All photos taken EB. The one above is just east of NJ 168.

At Gloucester CR 621, Almonesson Rd., by the Deptford Mall.

Approaching and then onto the NJ 41 multiplex, where the old shield puts the new ones to shame by fitting not only the number, but also the county name. Oh, and the new ones may be closer to the proper colors, but are the wrong shape by far. At least the 41 in the last photo, which comes to me courtesy Scott Colbert, is on-center in the newer version.

The guiderail hides the route number and year of construction, at least upon first pass. Obviously, as a state highway bridge, it's still on NJ 41.

I then came back and took some more time with this bridge. These photos are on the northbound (CR 544 EB) side, establishing that NJ 41 has not changed its number since this was built.

The SB/WB side parapet reveals the missing information: this was built in 1927, the very year that NJ highways were first renumbered and 41 was created.

Looking north and south from the SB/WB side above Big Timber Creek.

There's a very rare embossed county line sign hiding behind the end of that bridge where I'd never noticed it before. It's every bit as old as the bridge and also state-erected. Now you can click for a closeup!

Button copy strikes at Camden CR 727, Atlantic Ave. in Magnolia. There are many crossbucks with cats' eyes (not real cats, thankfully) in this area of NJ.

Wackiness, oldness, and then both, heading eastward past CR 669 (Warwick Rd.) toward the end of 544.

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