New Jersey Roads - CR 543

Driving north up River Road, the old alignment (with old concrete) of CR 543 just south of Palmyra. By the third photo, you see NJ 73 in the background.

Heading back into CR 543.

Southbound in Palmyra, turning onto Public Rd. in the first photo to access the new, improved River Rd. bridge, and then onto River Road itself as it crosses NJ 73. Back when it had letters, that green sign pointed Camden straight ahead. the second photo is on CR 543 SB, River Rd. SB, where it crosses NJ 73. The sign pointed Camden straight ahead when it worked. In the first photo, the old 8000 lb. limitation (why not 4 tons?) applies to Market St., which looks like the old bridge approach (or possible ferry approach). That appears to be an NJDOT sign, out of its jurisdiction and incorrectly implying a multiplex. The tacked on weight sign in the first photo is courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Tiny tiny photo, ugly ugly shield, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

The new light rail bridge connecting Riverside to Delanco, unusual in that steelwork was used for a bridge with low clearance (and thus no need to span the river).

Southbound under a seemingly 19th-century trestle that could use a little roadway realignment - but at least it's not a grade crossing.

The train runs down the middle of Broad Street in Burlington City. Broad Street used to be CR 543, but now 543 shares a duplex with US 130 around the heart of the city. Even earlier, as you can tell from the curb, this was US 130 itself, probably using Washington Avenue back out the south side of the city.

SB at US 130, pointing to the duplex that breaks up just after NJ 413 (the bridge named here).

NB, pointing to Mill Lane WB, Columbus.

Okay, Railroad Ave., I get it already.

Past the misaligned shield atop this page, and to a NB Scott Colbert photo. A black shield background is needed, and the destinations should be mixed case.

Facing the other way, not at US 206 really but rather at old 206, which was briefly numbered NJ 170 before being given back to Burlington County.

The last NB and first SB 543 shields.

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