New Jersey Roads - CR 542

CR 542

CR 542 WB comes to a T at William Horace Pointer. White-Haired Ponies? Welcome, Harry Potter! Turns out it's White Horse Pike and this is US 30 and this is really not the way to abbreviate that (or Why Hate Poland?).

A couple of old EB shields in Atlantic County, first photo courtesy Lou Corsaro and the second at Columbia Rd. in Nesco.

This is the beginning of CR 542 WB in Burlington County. It is not Burlington CR 653, nor is it in Atlantic County (this error also occurs on US 9). The END sign on the other side of the road gets it right. I can see where maybe there was supposed to be a TO over the 653 shield (it's a little over a mile down the road), but what I don't understand is how Burlington Co. managed to contract out not just one but two Atlantic County (542 hits that one in another 10 miles) signs, and never caught the error.

Speaking of Burlington CR 653, it's just across this drawbridge (heading EB) in Wading River. Dig the gate arm in its waning years.

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