New Jersey Roads - CR 537

EB at Broadway (CR 551) and WB in Camden - CR 537 is on a one-way pair, so you won't see the motel traveling east. Once upon a time, it was safe to stay here.

CR 537 WB is actually, technically, 537 Spur. This building marks its location in stone.

EB heading out of Camden, quite old signage at US 30 - if you're not careful and don't bear left, you'll end up on 30 (where clearly CR 537 once went straight until the highway plowed through the middle of it). The Mickle Blvd. sign is gone now because its name changed to M.L.K. Blvd. (almost the same name, really). Click for closeup of the center sign, the best of the trio.

And then, a quite old bridge (1920s, judging from the fourth photo) with quite new and wrong NJ 30 signs (and the wrong font on the too-small LGS's), still eastbound.

EB across the overbuilt drawbridge that spans the short distance between the ends of CR 543 and former NJ 151 (a connector into downtown at the NJ 30 shields). In back is a crumbling reminder of when Camden was New Jersey's answer to Philadelphia and an important industrial center.

WB through the same area.

One-piece TO 73 assembly EB, with very unhelpful arrows. Perhaps some distinction between which way is better for NJ 73 NB versus SB...?

This railroad bridge parallel to CR 537 EB crosses Mason's Creek by Creek Rd. in Masonville. It all fits.

There is one of these in each direction at CR 541 just west of Mt. Holly (this one is WB).

Eastbound, the sign is old and good. Westbound, the signs are new and bad. CR 680 is the spur to McGuire Air Force Base.

WB and EB respectively at CR 528, first photo courtesy Scott Colbert. Yeah, we're still in Burlington Co., but close enough to Ocean Co. that that county probably did intentionally sign this detour, and this isn't a mistake. It's still funny, and the bad color/font are sad, so I'm laughing and crying.

Random Scott shield; the one atop this page is also his.

Crossing the county line, eastbound.

Courtesy Scott Colbert, this is at the exit to a Burger King, and yet it has a street name associated with it, that looks like Orchard Ct. BK skimps on sign quality.

Exiting Six Flags Great Adventure, coming up to CR 537 (northeast is right). I took the third photo well before the first two, so no idea if one of the first two is just a rearrangement of the third one, or if the third one is just gone, or if my camera didn't catch it.

If you choose the left branch of the exit, for CR 537 SB, you still get bombarded with reminders to go northbound to get anywhere important.

At the end of the right branch of the exit, courtesy Scott Colbert, everything is up to date except a slightly faded CR 537 assembly... and wow look at that original 1970's I-195 shield. Oh sure, NEW YORK is a cute little LGS, and one sign with three shields, the city, and one arrow would look a lot better, but wow look. If you really want to look, click for closeup (same photo from Scott). By the way, CR 537 EB (i.e. to the right) only goes to I-195; those other routes are reachable from there.

Ugliness by Six Flags.

Less ugly, eastbound, with a state name shield.

A couple of highway photos from Scott Colbert - this is otherwise a two-lane road, not four or six lane divided.

EB in Freehold at Business 33, which has been Business for longer than this sign hasn't been, then up to the beginning of CR 522 (old lightpole, new street sign usually only found on a signal).

WB at the beginning of CR 522 in Freehold, courtesy Lou Corsaro; the TO is unneeded. Yes, it begins here.

WB at NJ 79 in Freehold, where the narrow angle between the two roads prohibits a right turn onto 79 NB. Thus the sign essentially looks like a mirrored no U-turn. There is another, shallower right, as you can see from the white sign.

The breakup, without county name, of the short Freehold duplex.

Getting a bit dark, but you can make out the important bits. All eastbound, including a non-cutout GSP shield.

Sadly, still dark, EB at Sycamore Ave., CR 13A.

CR 537 EB at Wayside Rd., CR 38. The counterpart to the first photo is on the 38 page, linked below. I don't know what CECOM changed its name from (was HECOM too sexist? or did NECOM move from Nebraska?) - okay, CECOM was always CECOM, built by the army but never used, so says Jeff Weiner. So, then, why replace only the C?

Best for last. Courtesy Michael Summa, 1969.

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