New Jersey Roads - Spur CR 536

Spur CR 536

Fresh off of NJ 73, Spur CR 536 SB runs into CR 561, last photo courtesy Barry Caselli. 561 is about to run into 73 to the east, and borrows its destinations on the NJDOT-spec LGS's. As far as I can tell, Spur CR 536 between 561 and 73 was constructed by the state as part of the improvement of 73 that resulted in the bypass of Berlin - this was just Taunton Road until then - hence the state signage at the intersection.

NB and then turning left onto CR 720 EB, courtesy Barry Caselli. Thanks to the L shape of CR 720 and Camden County's signing it with a consistent direction, east is left of north.

Older signs heading toward Williamstown, including a square missing its SPUR banner.

Typical ACE junction signage with its misplaced arrows and tiny destination banners, and a side shot of the WB offramp's LGS to US 322 WB (looks like the 322 is outlined, not on the NJ-standard black square), finishing with a look down the EB ACE offramp. I think the standard WRONG WAY signs give the message (along with the DO NOT ENTERs and ONE WAYs at the top of the ramp), but the South Jersey Transportation Authority wanted to be extra certain. You'll never see another sign like it, because no other agency would round its corners that much on a square sign.

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