New Jersey Roads - CR 536

After CR 536 leaves US 322 for the first time, heading a block east on Main St. to Poplar St. in Williamstown (where the WB photo above was taken), it comes back and crosses US 322, which is now on the Black Horse Pike. This must be a county-erected sign, even though the intersection's signage should all have been erected by NJDOT, because the DOT would never have allowed an outlined shield instead of one with a black square background. Also, the NJDOT shield would be full-width for three digits, and the DOT would use FHWA-standard typeface and arrows.

EB past E. Malaga Rd. in New Brooklyn; the third photo is of the shield at the end of that road, partly visible behind the telephone pole in the second photo.

Top and bottom of where CR 536 EB meets CR 705, Sicklerville Rd., just east of the beginning of CR 706 (Erial Rd.). Bottom is better. The arrow tag has been co-opted from a SPUR banner for a nearby route, perhaps Spur CR 536 itself. Click for a closeup that will show that in better detail, courtesy Lou Corsaro (while riding in my car, I should add).

Cedarbrook Rd., CR 536, WB alongside New Brooklyn Lake, courtesy Lou Corsaro but again while riding in my car. I would have taken this photo, but it didn't immediately register in my brain that these signs normally have three little ducks following the big mother duck, not a teenage duck in the middle.

EB at New Brooklyn Rd., the beginning of this duplex (but only CR 720 goes left on it, since I'm already on CR 536), then a modern specimen of the same type of shield at Blue Anchor Rd., the other end of the duplex. Somehow, the shield gets an arrow that's even older than anything in the first photo.

CR 720 WB (Blue Anchor Rd.), missing the left arrow to start the short duplex.

EB past Beebetown Rd. just after crossing NJ 73, past Old White Horse Pike after crossing the current Pike (US 30), through the Pinelands on Chew Rd. toward US 206. Click on the second photo for a closeup of the old white square shield, courtesy Barry Caselli.

Mixed up in that photo run is a fairly rare old distance sign on 4th Ave. (CR 718) SB in Chesilhurst, also courtesy Barry Caselli.

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