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CR 534

EB (first photo) and WB (next two) at the former western end of CR 534, which never continued into National Park but now has been truncated to NJ 47 to the east. NJ 44 doesn't end here either - while it did until 2005, now it extends up the western frontage road of I-295 to a trailer park, ending where the NB side loops around to the SB side and terminates. I'm sure the frontage road was state-maintained anyway, so no biggie, but all the begin and end signs are screwed up. It would also be nice to sign CR 534 from here as a clear route to Woodbury and points east.

Still on CR 640 (which ends at the Woodbury line, not even connecting to CR 534 - what a poor substitution). This is the WB-facing side of a complex street sign for the southern part of a county-themed development. This is actually at Bergen Ave., which turns into Passaic Ave. (really, Passaic turns onto Bergen), which turns into Gloucester Ave., which turns into Tilden Rd. This development is only about six blocks long, by the way. The Passaic Ave. development appears to be recent, as it's pasted over Gloucester Ave. (which is why that moved to a new sign). Also, you'll never read all this at speed.

Old everything, westbound - but I wish Gloucester didn't move on from the white square county shields.

From Blackwood Lake to Almonesson Lake, a bunch more westbound signage up to Fox Run Rd., starting with Camden's continued use of the white squares at Erial Rd. The curve sign should always be a diamond, never a square. Also, interesting note about the unusual CR 681 sign - 681 is only in Gloucester for about 300 feet before becoming a Camden route the rest of the way. CR 621 is not Lakeside Ave., which is a small dead-end (the short left leg of the intersection pictured in the diamond, as well as an unpictured spur to the right that shows up in the photo).

The CR 681 signs are so unusual, I got you the EB counterpart as well. There are so many clearer and more normal ways to convey this information.

EB from there across Bull Run to Barnsboro Rd., the intersection just east of CR 681. The torn arrow was replaced between 2011-2014.

While I was out of the car photographing Erial Rd.'s western junction with CR 534, I took this eastbound overhead LGS. Click on it to see Scott Colbert's photo of before the new shield was patched on.

WB at Laurel Rd. outside Clementon, and then at CR 759 (Chews Landing-Little Gloucester Rd.). AAA helped sign destinations along southern NJ's county routes - northern counties tended to provide their own signage. However, the southern counties' lack of involvement with their own signs has allowed many more of the old ones to survive to the present day than in the north.

Another one on Laurel Rd. SB at CR 534, then an old township sign at the same intersection on a short leg of development, Little Mill Rd.

Different ages of signs, WB at the start of the multiplex with US 30/CR 561 and then beyond it heading toward Clementon in the last photo. That's right, CR 561 gets a modern but white-text (i.e. not the most recent) shield, but CR 534 gets an original oldie.

Somehow, the old shield on the west side of the railroad overpass has fared a lot better than the newer non-cutout on the east side of the overpass, just west of NJ 73. The sign gods are sending a clear message.

Is 536 in a spur of Camden County, or is this Camden County 536 Spur? Neither. Spur CR 536 begins at NJ 73 and heads south. That would be south of here, and Hopewell Road dead-ends at that interchange, so these signs make absolutely no sense. (Incidentally, neither is right - SPUR should be in a separate banner - but the signal overhead is less wrong.) These photos are westbound.

Eastbound, it gets even worse. CR 536 is parallel to CR 534 several miles to the south, so obviously the contractor not only forgot that this isn't Spur CR 536 at all, he also forgot the Spur part of that incorrectness. Up Hopewell Rd. is the eastern end of CR 544 (which began at CR 534 way up this page), but Hopewell isn't even a county road, so there's no route number to link the two. This should just be signed as plain Hopewell Rd.

Luckily, Hopewell Rd. itself has absolutely no shields to perpetuate the confusion on it, so here's the southern stub at the CR 534 intersection, with NJ 73 elevated in the background at the Spur CR 536 interchange.

The distances are strange at Atsion Rd. Why not move the warning sign a rounder number of feet away - another 225' or so should do it. The westbound distance was even stranger (i.e. not a multiple of 5), but I couldn't get a good shot of it, so credit Barry Caselli for the second photo.

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