New Jersey Roads - CR 533

Northbound in Mercer County heading away from US 206 in White Horse. The first two photos are approaching Arena Drive, and the third is at Kuser Road. Usually school bus signs would be in yellow diamonds, not rectangles.

This post at Hughes Drive in West Windsor points along both directions of CR 533, but it's slightly inaccurate as far as northbound goes.

You see, the old bridge to Assunpink Creek was actually a bit east of the current one. Access along the old road diverges at Hughes Dr. and passes behind that concrete post. My car is parked on it in the above photo of the post.

I step down to the creek and walk south around the old, intact abutment, conveniently with wooden steps to cushion the fall of the single, much larger step made by the rock under the road bed.

Back out old 533 to Hughes Dr. and the current road.

NB and SB button copy.

When did Mercer County use this font? When did anyone use this font? It looks like when non-embossed signs were first manufactured, 1940s or so. CR 533 is gated on the north side of the wooden bridge (which unusually is paved over the wooden slats) in case of high water on the once-busy Delaware and Raritan Canal.

For sight distance and road width reasons, CR 533 (Quaker Road) is one-way near where it remeets US 206 for a multiplex (that's right, there are three junction points between the routes). I don't have a problem with that, but at least sign CR 533 down the two-way county road, Province Line Rd. (which it was following until just north of US 1), and call this a 600 route.

US 206 just hates being signed as a US highway. It's SR 206 from CR 560, 206 in a state circle north of Netcong (and I haven't checked whether that's still the case), and here NJ Rt. 206. I mean, it IS NJ Rt. 206, but that's only for administrative purposes. At least US 206 loves traversing the oldest highway bridge in the state, built in 1792 over Stony Brook. See more photos on the 206 page via the big link at bottom.

Looking south from US 206 at a really minimal crossing, just a drainage outlet for water collected off of US 206, but one that looks nearly as old as the 1792 bridge. The northeast face (first photo) looks a lot less touched-up than the southwest face, which may or may not have an original stone left in the fašade.

Off the other end of the US 206 multiplex into a new county, ending at one of those signs that I won't complain if it's quietly replaced overnight. There are a few of these, but in the fading twilight this is the only one that came out well enough.

SB over the same stretch. CR 632 (Griggstown Causeway, closed for all floods and probably in need of a redesign) is just north of CR 630, which may as well have the same number for being so close.

CR 650 EB, former CR 514, in Millstone. 514 had to jog north here before the "bypass" was built - Millstone is so quiet, it's hard to call any road a bypass around it, because there's practically nothing to pass by.

Manville Causeway was closed, so its CR 623 traffic was detoured south on CR 533 and Bypass CR 533 to CR 514 (last photo). Yes, Millstone has two bypasses, one on each county route. The only useful piece of Millstone to bypass is the south side where people live, but only the north half of Bypass 533 was ever built, so everyone is routed back through town after this. I can think of better uses of money than half bypasses of nothing.

Two inexplicable NB construction signs. Who actually removed the D from the correct sign? Or are they saying that you may get a little nearer to the other side of the road? Then, on a bridge reconstruction that apparently has some Federal priority, there's a black/white county shield that I'm guessing is just a redrawn state shield (since those are usually the highways that go in that corner).

SB at Dukes Pkwy. East in Manville. Bit by bit, I'm making up my deficit of old white-on-blue county shields.

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