New Jersey Roads - CR 529

Just north of its humble beginning at CR 514, CR 529 has a historical truck sign, since graffitied on and now torn down along with the rest of the store. Likely, therefore, this is no longer an actual Mack truck factory. It's visible from US 1.

Two reassurances in the half a block heading north from US 1, then turning into the shopping center, something very un-reassuring. Octagons are only supposed to be used for STOP signs so that their message isn't diluted. Here's the correct (but faded) color with entirely the wrong message - and black on red is a no-no.

This may have replaced an older black on white SB guide sign, but I'll accept it here.

Centennial Ave. EB in Piscataway.

The corresponding Hadley Rd. WB, then turned south.

Both NB, but the first assembly is gone when it's the second one at New Brunswick Ave. that should have been replaced.

CR 665 NB (S. Washington Ave.).

Continuing north, I guess they didn't know which day to close the Market. I wonder if blood was shed over the question of which day to keep holy, and whether it was shed on one of those days. To clarify the end of the sign, Quibbletown was known as New Market until 1830, and although it doesn't say it on this sign, New Market has a Revolutionary War history. Now, it's just known as part of Piscataway.

NB approaching CR 601 (7th St./Vail Ave.) in New Market a.k.a. Quibbletown, does the road really add lanes as it gets narrower, or can we call this an error?

NB at and (last photo) just past CR 601, a sign you won't see there anymore and shouldn't ever see anywhere again, but it's pretty cool to have seen it once.

Tiny adjunct to the milepost, NB heading up the Watchung Mountains.

A lie. County maintenance supposedly ends here, although the SLD's don't agree with that assertion (they're often wrong, admittedly). CR 529, at least as a legislated entity, continues through Washington Rock State Park and out the other side to CR 527. First photo is courtesy Chris Mason and from 2002.

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