New Jersey Roads - CR 528/CR 527

and CR 527/528

Except, underneath that 528 was originally a 554. Why do shields get reused like dirty laundry? How do some routes end up being donors and others recipients? This was taken by Scott Colbert.

Bordentown Female College commemorative plaque, 1914, looking down the beginning of CR 528 from CR 545 and then back.

Because the sign fails to, I must note that this is in Burlington County. CR 677 SB, Crosswicks-Chesterfield Rd.

CR 677 NB has a very brief concurrency with CR 528. The first photo is at Stelle Rd. below a sign warning of a detour in 1500 feet, even though the CR 528 junction is 3,000 feet ahead and the detour doesn't begin until the second photo. I followed it as far as Crosswicks but I'm not sure how traffic was asked to get back to 528. The lack of county name makes sense for shields that may be patched and reused elsewhere, but I can't forgive the non-cutouts.

Bonus coverage from the old end of CR 677 SB, which used to continue straight south to the CR 528/Chesterfield-Georgetown Rd. intersection. SB traffic is now realigned into a 90° T intersection while NB traffic still gets to come up this way on what's now called Matthews Lane.

Matthews Ln. NB was also realigned into a 90° T intersection at CR 677, so this is the former CR 677 NB from there.

EB and WB, courtesy Scott Colbert.

Confusion reigns in New Egypt, second photo courtesy Scott Colbert. This is Main St./528 EB at Maple Ave., which as you can see is signed as Spur CR 528. The Spur died a few years ago, though, and this is now CR 616. As far as I can tell, the idea behind the top arrow being both straight and right is that the driver is supposed to integrate that right arrow with the one below SPUR into Spur 528. Except, most drivers can't even stop at a STOP sign.

Now WB on CR 528, same place. This is not the way to do a junction assembly - two vertical poles would be preferred. The covered arrow most likely slanted to the left. If the route doesn't exist anymore, though, why only cover the arrow?

Crossing county lines, WB.

Plenty of these around; these two happen to be westbound starting as CR 527 ends its duplex and heads north.

You got me on these. I don't know how colors get switched on signs, especially common signs like county pentagons. Never seen gold-on-blue in any other situation, either. These progress westward on CR 528 and northward on CR 527.

I said CR 527 is a north-south road, right? In fact, even the multiplex assembly gets it right; usually that's the one that gets lazy and applies the same direction to two routes.

Speaking of which, yup, that's CR 547 North, not East. And more rural Ocean County wooden posts.

This non-cutout county shield is just a stone's throw from NJ 88. I didn't think much of it when Scott Colbert sent me the first version of this photo until I tried to think of another non-cutout county pentagon I've ever seen, other than on a BGS. I've got one. You?

Looking north on New Hampshire Ave.

CR 528 WB and EB, respectively, at GSP Exit 89. Compare these to the CORRECT entrance sign on the GSP page (link below). The missing warning on the bottom strip (if you compared that closely) is for trucks, which are allowed south of Exit 105. First (WB) photo courtesy Scott Colbert.

The 2013 reconstruction of Parkway exits 88-89 included completing all movements at CR 528. This is the future NB exit ramp coming into the south side of CR 528 next to (but with a wide median from) the existing NB entrance.

The signs east of NJ 70 are a lot better-looking than the one to the west.

Cedar Bridge signage around the intersection of these two county routes. Shocking, isn't it? They're each repulsive in their own ways. Both assemblies are on Duquesne Blvd. WB, one block south of CR 528 and in the block immediately west of CR 549, pointing you to Voyager Way. The left-arrow sign in the first photo faces Irisado Drive. This route somewhat functions as a jughandle for CR 549 SB, but traffic headed for CR 528 EB can just go straight a block earlier on Hooper Ave. (which is CR 549 till then).

At the end of Voyager Way, pavement striping and signage clearly prevents you from turning left, but the assembly hints that this is a new development. The county shields have the right proportions, so I'd believe that they predate the crazy developer and his crazy signage and his crazy road restriping.

Bridge goes up, bridge goes down. EB and WB photos of the Mantoloking Bridge.

How is that cone just staying there? Someone must have thought of gluing it down.

The NJ 37 bridges are on the horizon looking south along Barnegat Bay. The lower bridge is the original drawbridge that now carries 37 EB, while the WB side gets a higher fixed span.

Did you know that there's still a piece of the old Mantoloking Bridge left? Park on the west side and this fishing pier is the original bridge approach, replete with nifty plaque and original deck and sidewalks.

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