New Jersey Roads - CR 527 - S. of Bound Brook

south of Bound Brook

CR 527 North doesn't change directions just because it joins CR 571.

A little better, with older shields but CR 528 needs some directional banners.

Assorted older NB signs. The last one is if you go straight where CR 527 turns right.

A rare Monmouth County end sign courtesy Scott Colbert and the end of CR 1 along Sweetmans Lane, which CR 527 joins ahead if you did remember to turn right.

One more (embossed) oldie, from CR 527A NB.

Two NB and one SB photo from the short CR 522 concurrency in Englishtown. The first photo points east along 522.

NB in Old Bridge. These signs are supposed to help motorists heading back from Raceway Park in Englishtown, but the 25% of them trying to get to US 9 may never find their way. There's one more on 520 itself (follow link at bottom).

Older signs as CR 527 joins NJ 18 across a bridge and CR 516 begins straight ahead.

East Brunswick or South River.

George St. in downtown New Brunswick, one of CR 527's internal names in Middlesex County (for maintenance purposes). This was once NJ 171 when it came down Commercial Ave. all the way to George St. Now, 171 comes up Livingston Ave. so this is just CR 527, but it's also CR 672, continuing the number from NJ 172 westward along George St. Middlesex County likes assigning redundant county routes in New Brunswick.

Speaking of George St., this colorized 1937 photo from Old New Brunswick is on George St. EB nearing Livingston Ave. NJ 26 once turned right there, but since that route was truncated, NJ 171 performs the same role. CR 527 continues ahead on the route of NJSHR S-28, which became NJ 18 and then moved to the waterfront.

CR 527 and CR 514, both unsigned, SB/EB in downtown New Brunswick at NJ 27.

On the north side of New Brunswick at Somerset CR 617/Middlesex CR 609, Landing Lane (Franklin Blvd. to the left).

Another stone arch bridge crosses the county line at Mile Run, featuring this 19th century marble placard.

NB at CR 619. I'll come back to this in a second.

The left and right sides of the signs faced by CR 619 NB traffic, throwing in an improved shield photo. The right is much more interesting, as that's a genuine black-on-white guide sign.

And now, the back side of that assembly. Really, the side now facing CR 619 NB should be the right arrow for CR 527 SB onto 619, and this side, now turned toward the trees and mostly illegible, should be the northbound guide sign. Well, really, this should be replaced, because no one can see it even if it were turned properly.


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