New Jersey Roads - CR 527

Middlesex Co. ran out of reflective numerals? Courtesy Lou Corsaro.

CR 527 earns the distinction of being the first county route on my site to have enough photos to warrant two pages. It's one of the three longest in the state, and connects a lot of developed areas, so that makes sense.

Right: SB entering downtown Bound Brook.

CR 527 south of Bound Brook
 ~ CR 528 and 527/528
 ~ NJ 18 NB and CR 527/NJ 18 NB
 ~ NJ 18 SB and CR 527/NJ 18 SB
 ~ NJ 172/CR 527

CR 527 north of Bound Brook

 ~ Somerset CR 613 and Somerset CR 651, former Spur CR 527
 ~ Essex CR 608 and Essex CR 649, the other former Spur CR 527

These gems, sideways or not, are at the back of a parking lot across from Hamilton St. in Bound Brook, just east of the end of CR 533.

Nikesite Road, off CR 527 in Berkeley Heights

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