New Jersey Roads - CR 526

The above three are both courtesy Scott Colbert.

Scott even gave me this example of when not to use the default Windows font.

Almost, but CR 535 goes both left and right. These are EB, heading south.

CR 526 soon leaves 535 and strikes out toward Robbinsville on the eponymous road.

Embossed but new, just east of NJ 33.

Not embossed but old, just east of US 130.

Westbound at a tiny triplex signed like a simple crossroad, Allentown. It was the fear from the "195" of the state name that prompted New Jersey to drop it from new shields. No, really. First photo courtesy Lou Corsaro.

This is Alt. CR 526 southbound. For a route so short it only needs one shield each way, so short you can see the other end when you turn onto it and there are no intersecting streets between those ends, it shouldn't have an error this egregious.

CR 526 westbound at the new Alt. CR 526. It should really have three-digit-width shields, TO North 539 (signs at the other end get that right), and EAST CR 524 should also appear there.

All eastbound, with the third photo at the second CR 571 duplex and the fourth one past the east end of it. That's right, after the two routes began together at NJ 27, they're back! Except NJDOT seems to believe that CR 526 begins at 571 east of Princeton Junction, so they only have this one concurrency. Except NJDOT and Mercer County both still put signs up showing CR 526 on 571, although the signs often seem like afterthoughts. I don't know what to believe anymore.

Eastbound, approaching some really ugly shields. They take up a good part of this page, sadly.

Fixed! in 2008. According to Scott Colbert, who gave me this photo, most but not all of the ugly shields are gone now. Also, this is the only error among all of them, where CR 526 EB turns left, not right. Since this is the third of three assemblies at the junction, hopefully motorists will follow the first two and not be swayed by the last one they see.

Two construction-era photos (2004-5) at either end of the CR 526/CR 638 multiplex, courtesy Scott Colbert. The part of CR 638 east of here is newly signed (though it has always been 638), as you will see below. In the first photo, CR 526 WB is about to turn left onto CR 638 from the western end of County Line Road; there's no merge here, but rather a temporary crossover had yet to be filled in. In the second photo, temporary one-way traffic heads west onto either Commodore Blvd. (Trenton, to the right, along CR 526), or Jackson Mills Rd. (straight along CR 638).

After construction is over, this sign replaces Scott's first photo above.

CR 638, Jackson Mills Rd., EB at Commodore Blvd., CR 526. Ocean County, please trim your signs! Click on the first photo for the original version, which was corrected to look just slightly better, courtesy Scott Colbert.

WB, first at what was also the second construction photo above, and then just past there. The first shields aren't only poorly cut, but the colors are wrong, the shapes are imperfect, and the fonts are misaligned (the W's in WEST should be bottom-aligned, not center, and the numerals are akimbo). Again, to see the misconstructed second photo before it was "fixed" to what you see here, click for Scott Colbert's photo. First photo is also from Scott.

Another set of poorly cut, colored, shaped, and aligned shields, this time at the eastern end of the multiplex, courtesy Scott Colbert. Yes, that WEST is a contractor error. In fact, all of the signs are contractor errors, but this is particularly egregious. Luckily, it was fixed after construction was over, as you'll see in the next photo.

Fixed is such a relative term in this area. The straight arrow should be shorter, the two EASTs should look the same, and the 526 shield was not laid out properly. The 638 shield is actually fine! If you couldn't tell, all of the signs are recycled from the previous version, except the EAST plate came from who-knows-where (wherever was cheapest for the contractor to fix the problem).

Switched around, westbound at the beginning of the multiplex and then just after turning onto it. Yeah, missing a 526 shield there.

CR 638 WB at County Line Road. I now return you to your regularly proportioned shields.

North Cooks Bridge Road was realigned to meet Harmony Road at CR 526, leading to this short piece of abandoned roadway.

EB past that intersection, until CR 526 is widened, Ocean County wants to make sure you merge. Octuply sure, no less, and with disfigured End Divided Highway signs.

WB closer to the shore, in Lakewood. Great Adventure is reached via CR 537, near I-195, from the eastern of the two CR 526/571 multiplexes.

There's a bank on the northeast corner of US 9, and leaving the bank features a normal stop sign, but entering the bank features the reverse of that sign, and here's the problem.

Eastbound at CR 547 and then all the way to the end of 526 in Lakewood. Missing an END banner.

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