New Jersey Roads - CR 525

SB across US BURN IT WITH FIRE to the end of CR 525 at NJ 28. Turn around and head back north and BURN IT WITH FIRE again.

Starting on Washington Valley Rd., picking up CR 525 SB, then turning onto Chimney Rock Rd. with it.

Washington Valley Rd. WB at Liberty Corner Rd.

A mostly hidden SB shield. The one atop the page is just south.

See, not everything is that blurry. We continue north.

CR 525 NB, Mt. Airy Road.

CR 525 NB, Claremont Rd. at Mendham Rd. outside Bernardsville, with two old blue-on-white shields and one new white-bannered shield. CR 525 used to follow Anderson Road straight through town instead of jogging left onto Claremont.

More white bannerage, Mendham Rd./CR 525 SB in the same spot.

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