New Jersey Roads - CR 523

A brief wrong-way duplex. The CR 523 shield is perfectly proportioned; the CR 579 shield is clearly not.

Downtown Flemington along the east side of Main St./CR 523, first at Maple Ave. and then a block north at Court St.

Looking south on Flemington Rd., former CR 523 alongside railroad tracks. 523 now follows NJ 31 to Flemington-Whitehouse Road instead, and this old piece of road was realigned to the west (the curve is way in the background) to move it away from the tracks a bit for better sight distance.

This is where CR 523 leaves NJ 31 NB. Every other shield on this page made all the digits fit just fine.

Continuing NB from there.

SB from US 22 past the old fire station in White House, back to the same Deer Path turnoff.

One NB, one SB. The NB photo is just beyond I-78, which signs CR 523 to CR 517. I don't have a problem with this sign except that there ought to be a TO between the shields.

East of CR 517, CR 523 runs east-west for a short stretch until it ends, but the route itself remains north-south despite the insistence of this one SB shield.

Older street sign on that stretch.

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