New Jersey Roads - CR 521

North of I-80, CR 521 is Hope Road, and has been for many, many years.

CR 521 SB meets Bridge St. a few feet north of NJ 94, so it has to make ever so slight of a left to get to NJ 94 SB being a right. The CR 521 shield is directing traffic off NJ 94 away from Bridge St. It's complex enough that either NJDOT or Warren Co. came in and removed the island, which really does make it easier to sign.

Looking much better, NB leaving NJ 94 in Blairstown.

Better still, CR 521 shares the Paulins Kill bridge with NJ 94, formerly NJSHR 8 as this 1931 bridge attests.

NB at Sussex CR 610 in Stillwater, where CR 521 turns left, and then CR 610 WB. In the second photo, the top and bottom signs are facing absolutely nothing - there has always been and will always be no road that can see those signs.

Looking north and south at Swartswood Lake.

Remnant of a bygone time, on the corner of Sussex CR 622 in Swartswood.

Old and brown, US 206/CR 521 SB.

US 206/CR 521 NB where they split, and CR 521 SB at the same place. These old signs are still up all around the Milford-Montague toll bridge. This may be the only US 6 shield in New Jersey.

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