New Jersey Roads - CR 520

CR 520

Texas Road EB in Old Bridge, just after the beginning of CR 520, courtesy Lou Corsaro. Of the three NJ 9-touting signs from Englishtown Raceway on my site, only this one (CR 527 has the other two) is gone, but it was recently replaced with a nearly identical assembly (thanks to Adam Moss for finding it).

EB at Monmouth CR 3, this looks like a state-installed sign assembly from when the NJ 18 freeway first opened.

Old bridge with a short dualization, old milemarker, both westbound.

CR 520 WB/NJ 35 SB, a very short duplex.

CR 520 WB in western Red Bank, courtesy Scott Colbert. Originally each direction approaching this four-way intersection had a sign like this, but last time I went through there, I only saw one, and it's on the CR 13 page linked below. It's apparently an old standard of Monmouth County signage, because I found some on Wayside Road (CR 38).

CR 520 WB crossing the oldish drawbridge just after beginning at NJ 36.

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