New Jersey Roads - CR 519

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Southbound at the fork to Riegelsville. Please excuse the arrow. It just wants to be seen.

NB Warren County photos, at Municipal Drive in Phillipsburg and then nearing NJ 57.

Speaking of NJ 57, here's top and bottom of an assembly that's fading in strange places.

These very nice old signs are just after the awful one atop the page. Harmony Presbyterian Church then removed them. Why? Why can we not have nice things?

Looking across the river from there at Martins Creek Power Plant. It's not nuclear and it's not in New Jersey.

A railroad overpass with no railroad - perhaps the start of a future rail-to-trail? Just south of US 46.

Brand spanking, face-smacking, groin-kicking new, SB entering the otherwise pretty hamlet of Hope. Hey, at least it's a state-name shield, right? Right?

Much better signs in the NB direction.

Something old, something new (and wrong, because that's not TO 94, that is 94), and something borrowed, stuck into the same scene as the second photo but clearly not done right.


Even better, Milk St. (CR 519 is Mill) then crosses a 1953 county-erected bridge.

A different CR 636 this time, in Sussex County, at what I think is the old road (probably was never CR 519, though) and then the current road. I'm not sure how you would find another CAMP SITE triangle, if there are any others even left, given how hard it was to track this one down.

Oh, um, here's another one, on the same road no less, possibly even for the same camp site, at Mattison Ave. (just to the south of Kymer).

Faded state-issue speed limit sign, of course on a state highway duplex, with NJ 23, and then southbound on that same duplex in 1974 courtesy Michael Summa.

I showed this photo to my father, and he confirmed that when he was growing up, these signs were quite popular. There certainly aren't many more of these (I since found just one other one, on NJ 47), and you can tell from the look of the bus they probably date to approximately the late 1940's or early 1950's.

Moving north to Mt. Salem Road, with a creative use of a very old concrete waypost. Current Rt-84 is straight ahead in New York, as I-84, but the original Rt-84 was to the right, with NY 284 at the other end of Mt. Salem Rd. in Unionville. 284 was renumbered to avoid confusion with the Interstate (and is used by trucks to 84 - get it?), and I bet Sussex County just turned the old sign 90 degrees when that happened.

When street are snow covered? Vernon Twp. is so enamored of this linguistic atrocity that it's repeated on CR 517.

There's so much good stuff at the New York border, I'll present it all to you piece by piece:

As you can see above, this says Greenville Town Line, with Town above Line. CR 519 becomes Orange CR 55 and Mountain Road at the same time; CR 519 north of NJ 23 is Greenville Road.

The town line sign has a different look southbound.

That's my Ford Taurus parked on the incline to Old Mountain Road heading into New York. It's sorta paved, and narrow, and thus much cooler than CR 55.

Old CR 519, Warren CR 661

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