New Jersey Roads - CR 518

Old 518 W, or the western of two old alignments in Hunterdon County, heading EB (with a look back west in the first photo at the trail of power lines that traces the original road). You can see cracks in the pavement that show this was originaly a concrete highway.

Continuing east on Old 518 E. Pretty obvious where the old road went.

WB at old NJ 31.

Embossed town signs in Hopewell, three EB and one WB.

Still in Hopewell, a 500-route begins with a misplaced arrow EB and just an old sign WB.

East of town, a counterpart to the WB one atop the page.

WB at US 206, which goes to Princeton Airport.

EB at Crescent Ave. in Rocky Hill. Now that traffic is calm, may as well throw a cat and dog in the picture, baby in a stroller, monkey, baleen whale, UFO...

CR 654, former CR 518 SPUR

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