New Jersey Roads - CR 517/Old NJ 24

CR 517 and former NJ 24

Old LGS's SB at Parker Road. If the missing arrow on the bottom sign were present, you would know that Parker Rd., not CR 517 SB, leads to Chester.

SB/EB on the CR 517/old NJ 24 multiplex, where 517/24 follow Schooley's Mountain Road at Pleasant Grove Road. You can see that the speed limit signs are Morris County-erected, because this part of NJ 24 had never been state-maintained. By 2014, the mentions of NJ 24 are gone, leaving just the lone green sign at CR 513.

NB/WB on 517/old 24, and EB on Pleasant Grove Rd.

With all of the old shields removed, this is all that's left at that intersection NB. The arrow is farther north, as CR 517 curves over Schooley's Mountain.

SB with US 46 EB in Hackettstown.

NB with US 46 WB in Hackettstown.

The end of Old Bilby Rd. WB is on the southern leg of an old alignment of CR 517 (probably just plain Allamuchy Rd. back then). In the second photo, I look north from the original Bilby Rd./Allamuchy Rd. intersection on the closed half of the alignment, which ends at someone's property line now.

SB and NB, both with state-named shields.

Skipping to Sussex County, southbound through a very old and famous (and long, and manmade) railroad embankment. I even made an 11-second video of my drive through it.

US 206 SB with CR 517 SB where they split. Make a note that this sign has black-and-white hatches around it.

NJ 23/CR 517 NB and SB, respectively. Yep, these hatches are red-and-white. I'm pretty sure all of these signs are erected by Sussex County, and I can't imagine why the hatch colors are different or why they're all located on state highways.

You can see this is on CR 517 SB, and you can see NJ 94 SB is straight ahead. So what's going on with the mast arm sign? I can't even turn right!

CR 517 SB at Sammis Rd. in Vernon. I've seen plenty of little green signs of this age in Morris or Sussex County, where they're used to point to nearby towns (three to a sign, keep reading below), but this is the first time I've seen them in blue used to point to attractions (if one considers school an attraction). I wouldn't be surprised if there are no other blue signs like these in the state.

Southbound at Maple Grange Road to the left, and Lounsberry Hollow Road to the right.

Vernon Township standard signage entering from New York state. Read carefully, just about up to where the street are snow covered. Street are? Sounds like an inferiority complex. See a clearer version on CR 519.

Ugliness looms just across the state line - turn back to drive the many street of New Jersey!

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