New Jersey Roads - CR 516

CR 516

The historical beginning of CR 516 was where CR 527 NB turned left to cross the South River, but now CR 527 uses NJ 18 just to the west, so this is just a town road and shouldn't have a county shield.

The road DOES have a name here, and this sign is about due for replacement.

EB and WB respectively at the loop ramps onto US 9.

You can read this as well as I can. Eastbound.

Even more legible, westbound.

Tiles set into the side of concrete date this bridge to the 1920s or 1930s.

CR 516 EB on the jughandle from the NJ 35 SB multiplex. 516 approaches 35 from the north, meaning one turns left to go from east to south, but that's only because 35 is running east-west at this point.

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