New Jersey Roads - CR 514

Looking west and east from Royce Brook Road at old CR 514 in Millstone, which has just been bypassed (in late 2006/early 2007) by a new railroad bridge. Coast is clear, let's go!

This narrow contraption was built in 1917, at the nascence of state and county highway systems. It's now gone, deceased at the age of 90.

One glance at the almost-completed new bridge, and heading back toward my car from the top of the old bridge.

Former Amwell Road westbound merges from the right into new CR 514; the old road, as you can see in the previous photos, has been closed off between here and Royce Brook Rd.

Now an eastbound look.

A few years after the railroad bridge was bypassed, CR 514 was again realigned, just to the west, to make room for the future US 206 bypass of Hillsborough. Photos head west from the railroad along now-former CR 514 until they come back together. The old road is partially intact to preserve access to a few homes and the aforementioned Royce Brook Rd.

CR 514 helps CR 533 out by taking the CR 623 detour from Bypass 533 back to regular 533. CR 623 follows Manville Causeway, the next Millstone River crossing to the north. Hopefully trucks get to use the next crossing at Blackwells Mills.

CR 514 and 527 together in New Brunswick, SB/EB at NJ 27.

Leaving NJ 27 (see big link at bottom), you find out this is County Road 1R2. Like California and Washington state routes, the internal designations in Middlesex County don't line up with posted route numbers.

Westbound nearing the southern end of CR 529.

Courtesy Lou Corsaro, this is on Mill Road at 514 (Woodbridge Ave.). According to the ancient LGS, US 1 SB is to the left, NJ 440 is to the right, indicating that we're facing approximately northwest.

Near the infamous Tangle/Spaghetti Junction, CR 514 turns into a freeway for a short distance. Although, unlike CR 501, it doesn't get much BGS space at the interchange (the best it does is a mention as Bonhamtown Road off of NJ 440), it has some pretty neat signage if you can figure out how to find it. To see these two old gems, exit CR 514 WB at Old Post Road, now one-way for a block, and make a left on Grace Street (following the truck route). Most EB Old Post Road traffic, all of which is diverted to the right onto Grace St., is turning left (east) onto CR 514. Both OPR and Grace were two-way once upon a dream, and signage dates from that time (still mostly relevant at least).

Nonstandard and borderless, this is WB approaching Grace St.

This BGS with mini shields is on the Raritan Center Parkway, a trumpet interchange just west of the NJ 440 exit, also from Lou.

EB on 514, a bit west of the Turnpike, with some really snazzy old BGS's, with I-95 and 2di I-287 state-name shields, a 2dsr 440 and faded NJTP and GSP shields.

WB on CR 514, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

WB after the whole Tangle thing, this sign obviously isn't referring to the mainline, but it's turned just enough to make you wonder.

Eastbound at and onto a short old alignment of Main Street at the I-95 (NJ Turnpike)/Garden State Parkway crossing, with the Turnpike just to the left (north). CR 514 has been realigned to cross on top of those routes' crossings, making it one of the tallest overpasses in the state. The state-constructed curb isn't anything to scream about; it was constructed decades ago when the Turnpike and Parkway were their original four lanes, because the state was realigning CR 514 in order to fit those highways in.

Turned around in this guy's driveway (what a cool driveway to have), and back out to Main St.

Now east of the mess, WB at Amboy Avenue and then EB.

Hanging over Homestead Ave. (EB) in Avenel, the shield's not quite right.

CR 514 has been heading north since Edison, but we'll call these photos EB. The second one is on Park Ave. and that CR 509 error has persisted for years despite 509 being nowhere near this area. It's 514 that turns left to end either at or just past NJ 439, depending on which year's SLD you consult.

Elizabeth Avenue WB from Park Ave. Since vehicle inspection stations are state-owned, this is a state sign.

I wasn't kidding when I said CR 514 has been heading north. This is on Lidgerwood Ave. south from NJ 439, but even up here, CR 514 should be West.

Onto NJ 27 and CR 514/NJ 27

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