New Jersey Roads - CR 513/Old NJ 24

and former NJ 24

State-name goodness and state-shield ugliness, NB in Clinton courtesy Lou Corsaro's camera. Don't remember if they're his or mine, though.

Old post but somewhat newer (still rather old) sign, where NJ 173 turns off of CR 513 after enjoying a short Clinton concurrency.

Old NJ 24 WB, CR 513 SB at the Black River, then turned south for the split of Parker Rd./State Park Rd. The numbered hut is for a buried utility, likely telecom. Usually they are not fractional.

All I know is this is from somewhere in Morris. It's now at the former Boonton train station. May as well put it up front for you.

Looking north and south from Calais Rd./Pleasant Hill Rd. in Ironia.

Morris St. (CR 643) SB in Dover and turning onto Blackwell St. EB, which may also have been original US 46.

On the NJ 24/CR 513 multiplex, except, see, that doesn't exist. This is old 24, which was never state maintained, but merely signed over CR 517, CR 513, and CR 510. It was decommissioned in 1993 when the NJ 24 freeway was completed to I-287, but because local travelers came to knew the entire route as "24" after about 70 years of being such, the signs have remained and there are even some new ones (county-erected, of course).

One of the last remaining NJ 24 signs along CR 513. The grade is actually on CR 517.

Continuing south from there to the CR 513/517 junction.

EB on Main St./NB on CR 513, where CR 510 begins to the right as East Main Street. Yup, still signed like it's 24, and the plan is to leave the signs there till the paint undergoes nuclear fusion and becomes iron (the most stable element). One of the oldest 24 signs, which was probably on what is now NJ 124 east of Morristown, was recycled to NJ 10 in Livingston, but is gone now. Just like the old Hillburn Bypass that was NY 17, people still call it Route 24.

SB on CR 513 at the 513/510 junction. Note the brand-new shields that refer to NJ 24 - I guess Morris County was actively maintaining the illusion of a state route. All of them disappeared by about 2012, though.

Courtesy Scott Colbert, this was also SB on 513 but replaced by the new shields in the first photo above.

Speaking of new shields, the only way to do worse than this font is to double down with the wrong direction. This is just west of CR 510 on former West NJ 24, but now just South CR 513.

NB at Sussex Turnpike; the last sign is on the far corner of the intersection.

Still northbound; the green sign is at Academy St. in Rockaway.

Getting clearer now (well, on a different day), Main St. (CR 644) WB in Rockaway, and then turning right.

From I-80 south into downtown Rockaway.

Macopin Road comes to a highly angled (or, in road rallying terms, "lazy") T intersection with CR 513, Union Valley Road, in West Milford. Oh yeah, and this decades-old relic is there.

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