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Spur CR 506

County Route 506 mysteriously leaves Bloomfield Ave. at Highland Ave. in Glen Ridge, jogging a block left onto Belleville Ave. to head toward Jersey City, a journey it no longer completes. Since the mighty Bloomfield Ave. is a vestige of the Newark-Pompton Turnpike, it is allowed to keep a 500 number into Newark.

Custom Bloomfield-made font west of Broad St.

Old Parkway shields, first from Spur CR 506 EB bearing onto the Conger St. jughandle to Municipal Plaza in Bloomfield, then WB in East Orange.

Like Irvington, East Orange doesn't want you cruising. With the number of traffic lights on Bloomfield Ave., I'm surprised that can even be an issue.

Heading west across Branch Brook in its eponymous park, ending with a look north at Clarks Pond. This was built for carriages in 1904.

WB at Clifton Ave.

This CR 506 shield in Newark forgot its Spur hat. It's just east of Park Ave. (former NJ 10) in case someone wants to keep its head warm for the winter.

The first assembly is just before the beginning of Bloomfield Avenue in Newark, and the second sign is the first reassurance on the road. Spur 506 actually begins at NJ 21 a couple of blocks to the east, but Bloomfield Ave. hasn't begun at that point yet.

The end of Bloomfield Ave. at Broadway brings more of these old white signs. To make a right on Broadway SB would swiftly bring you to Broad St. SB; Broad St. is the NB counterpart to the one-way Broadway, though once Broadway becomes two ways north of Bloomfield Ave., Broad St. dies out. Incidentally, continuing north on Broadway brings one to the unheralded beginning of Essex County's NJ 7 - see that page for more on why it's a) unheralded and b) only one of two NJ 7's.

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