New Jersey Roads - Monmouth CR 38

Monmouth CR 38, Wayside Road

Northbound on Wayside Road, now on the western side of the Parkway, this is the scene at NJ 18. Based on the cleared, graded space for the onramp, and the existence of a blank BGS, this either was, will be, or is planned to be a left turn onto NJ 18 NB, to augment the existing CR 38 SB movement. Since the NJ 18/GSP interchange took awhile to build, the freeway temporarily gapped between here and NJ 36, so left turns could have been facilitated during that time, only to be closed off for some reason now. Of course, NJ 18 SB traffic gets to go either way on Wayside Road, so that's an argument that this represents a future possibility; this argument would be bolstered by the lack of traces of former writing on the BGS.

SB approaching the same area.

No matter what the explanation of the blank BGS conundrum, NJ 18-bound traffic is currently routed along with NJ 35 and NJ 36 traffic to Pine Brook Road, which when followed to Hope Road gives access to 36 and thus 35, as well as NJ 18 SB. NJ 18 NB-bound (yes, northboundbound) traffic has to find its own way, unsurprisingly. I wonder if the late addition of 18 is what crammed three shields together, or if NJDOT ordered its pole a foot short.

There are two old signs at the northern end of CR 38 (at CR 537). This, the more faded one, happens to be northbound on CR 38, courtesy Lou Corsaro; its counterpart is on the 537 page, linked below. Destinations are: Lincroft, Freehold, CECOM ONLY (private company), Eatontown, and Fort Monmouth. Click on the sign for a much larger version, courtesy Scott Colbert, that's slightly more legible.

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