New Jersey Roads - Bergen CR 36

Bergen CR 36, Moonachie Ave.

CR 36 runs along the southern boundary of Teterboro Airport, so pretty much everything happens to the south. That led to Bergen County installing a nearly continuous WB left turn lane with constant signs. The one right turn is the southern entrance to the airport.

Redneck Ave. SB ends at an historical relic along Moonachie Ave. "Route 20" only exists in Paterson now; the eastern portion was renumbered to 120 in 1988. Either this sign is 25 years old, which means it's aged incredibly well, or it's copying an earlier sign without anyone checking it over.

Turns out the quasi-historical relics aren't confined to Redneck Ave. CR 36 ends at Washington Ave. (CR 503), continuing across as Empire Blvd. These are EB and WB at that intersection, equally wrong and equally cool. CR 503 becomes Moonachie Rd. north of here, not to be confused with this Moonachie Ave. Oh, did I say "not?"

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