New Jersey Roads - Monmouth CR 13

Monmouth CR 13, 13-A, 13-B

To hyphenate, or not to hyphenate? Most Monmouth shields choose the former. If the first sign, courtesy Scott Colbert, looks off-kilter, it's because the one on the other side isn't perfectly aligned.

In Shrewsbury, the main drag is CR 13, Sycamore Ave. is CR 13-A, and Broad St. is NJ 35. These photos are about the old street signs, though, and both are courtesy Scott Colbert.

CR 13-A WB at CR 51. The county greened over the shield as an afterthought because this part of Hope Rd. is municipally maintained down to CR 537, but CR 51 not only makes it up to 13-A, it also continues straight along it for a block and then heads north as, once again, a county-maintained highway.

Monmouth CR 13 SB and NB, respectively, first sign courtesy Scott Colbert. I think the second sign is the only one left, or else none of them are. These fine examples of county square signage match a few on Monmouth CR 38, Wayside Road. The destinations missing on the second sign are Red Bank straight and Lincroft to the left (via CR 520 WB).

NB at Front St. in western Red Bank, which is Monmouth CR 10.

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