New Jersey Roads - Bergen CR 124

Above: Courtesy Greg Pniewski.

CR 124 NB dropping off CR 17 at CR 39 (Teaneck Rd. in Ridgefield Park) and SB at the same place, just after having picked it up. This is one of the only time a concurrency is signed in Bergen County between two white squares. Also, these are the only photos from the eastern CR 124. CR 124 follows the original route of US 46 from CR 56/12 (Essex St.) in Hackensack along Hudson St. and Bergen Turnpike to US 1/9. Many years ago, the original Turnpike bridge over the Hackensack River was lost and not replaced, so that is why there are two sections.

SB and past Moonachie Rd. (CR 503) courtesy Greg Pniewski.

Vreeland Ave. EB at Hudson St., which is where most Exit 66 traffic from I-80 EB goes (as opposed to making the right on Vreeland). I guess a lot of people come off the exit and just don't see the red light, but I've never seen a second red of a different diameter. In this photo retake, the lower red light has burnt out, so just maybe the big light will move down and take its place. But I ended up being wrong, sadly. The whole thing has been replaced with a normal signal.

Hudson St. SB at Broadway and then Kennedy St. Round signal housings are very rare, even in Bergen County. I wouldn't be surprised if these date to the days of NJ State Highway Route 5 (again, original US 46).

In the background of my Kennedy St. photo with the pretty but new state-name shields was this tree. It looks like Nature's way of staying one step ahead of Mischief Night. "Hey, let's get that house! No, wait, that tree is full of TP. Next house!" I can't imagine this tree is very efficient at converting sunlight to energy, unless it parasitically feeds off of the chlorophyll in that neighboring tree. They do look sort of buddy-buddy.

Old turn arrows at Kansas St., which is CR C-4 from here to River St. according to NJDOT. It's also shown as county-maintained on the Bergen County map so they must be right. The only other C- routes are C-20 and C-21, also in Hackensack but farther north, which makes me think C- is for City. The numbering is strange, as you see. I wonder if Hackensack counts certain east-west roads up from 1 to 21 and beyond and just happens to have gotten three short blocks county-maintained in that system? NOT supporting that theorem, though, is the fact that C-20 is a block north of C-21...

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