New Jersey Roads - Crosswicks-Hamilton Square Rd.

Crosswicks-Hamilton Square Road

Crosswicks-Hamilton Square Rd. crosses under I-95 (NJ Tpk.) just south of the Woodrow Wilson and Richard Stockton Service Areas. Construction was peaking in 2013 as I drove north under the future NB outer roadway, then under the existing Turnpike to the future SB outer roadway right where the SB service area ramps merge in. The existing ramps were being significantly extended under the Interchange 6-9 Widening Program so that the divisions between roadways would be in the most advantageous spot from a property/environmental point of view. The long ramps feel like freeway roadways in their own right, and afford the opportunity for drivers to switch between inner and outer lanes with relatively little lost time. But shh, I didn't tell you that. You're not supposed to.

Southbound at the future I-95 SB outer roadway.

Continuing north to CR 524.

Onto the NJ Turnpike for more Int. 6-9 widening photos

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