New Jersey Roads - Camden County

Camden County

One from Camden City, this old lamp was on life support on Linden Street (old US 30 WB) at 7th Street.

Before I get into a plethora of signs, here's the modern Scarborough Covered Bridge on Covered Bridge Rd. in Cherry Hill.

Starting the plethora, South Park Dr. (CR 629) EB at Tatem Ave. and King Ave. in Haddon. The former should be reverted to something more like the latter.

Notice that the modern Camden squares round only one out of the four corners. To whom does this make sense? If it's a secret assembly instruction, why is it in different corners on these signs?

Lexington Ave. SB, CR 613, failing to escape the 1950s.

CR 677 EB, Somerdale Rd., continuing onto Ogg Ave. in the second photo as Somerdale Rd. bears left with newly-minted CR 678.

A newer square shield courtesy Scott Colbert.

A few older signs on CR 726 WB heading away from NJ 143. The WEST tacked onto the second shield isn't unprecedented on older signs, but is certainly rare.

Embossed Haddonfield signs, first on Farwood Rd. WB and second courtesy Barry Caselli.

CR 601, State St./Marlton Pike
CR 612, Browning Rd.
CR 616, Cove Rd./Church Rd.
CR 621, Park Ave.
CR 644, Grove St./Haddonfield Rd.
CR 681, Good Intent Rd./Lower Landing Rd.
CR 689, Cross Keys Rd.
CR 705, Sicklerville Rd.
CR 706, Erial Rd.
CR 707, Woodbury-Turnersville Rd.
CR 725, Albertson Rd.
CR 753, Creek Rd.
CR 534
CR 536
Spur CR 536
CR 537
CR 544
CR 551
Spur CR 551
CR 561
Leftover pieces of CR 561
- you'll have to click to find out what I mean
NJ 41
NJ 42
NJ 70
NJ 73
NJ 143
Former NJ 151
NJ 154
NJ 168
US 30
US 130
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