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As you can see, when the NJ 33 freeway was built, shield assemblies just had a BUSINESS inserted. Of course, most street signs and addresses didn't, and many side roads didn't... leaving a wonderment for a roadgeek.

Wemrock Road NB. I guess whoever put up the signal signs didn't think that there can't be two NJ 33's. Or they looked at the street sign and figured if it's there, it must be right.

A much closer view of an uncorrected sign blade.

Manalapan Ave. WB, which is cut off where Business 33 meets US 9, courtesy Scott Colbert. West of US 9, Business 33 continues as Manalapan Ave., but in order to stay on the named road, one must use a short connector east of the Bus. 33/9 intersection. The first 33 shield is decidedly off-font, and the second needs a banner.

WB LGS east of the Freehold Raceway and US 9.

Somewhat old EB shield.

New interchange construction at Halls Mill Road, Monmouth CR 55. Even though it doesn't seem to need it, Business 33 is getting widened to four lanes through the underpass, with no room to widen it east or west of this location. The perspective for these photos is an eastbound progression.

A shot of the dualizing.

The massive bridge supports for what probably will be a five-lane CR 55.

Signs at the newly-opened bridge as of December 2005, heading eastbound on Business 33.

Westbound signs, same area, courtesy Lou Corsaro. Not only did NJDOT cheap out on gold/blue arrows to match its county shields, it should have had another ground-mounted BGS at the actual turn to the CR 55 SB onramp (the last photo).

Courtesy Scott Colbert, here are some badly misaligned signs on CR 55 NB.

Repeat after me. Business. BUS. I. NESS. Busy-ness apparently wasn't part of the contractor's motto when these signs went up. First of all, the first assembly should simply be JCT 33, and second of all, it should really be JCT BUSINESS 33. Apply that to the second assembly as well. Also note that the EST of WEST is center-aligned, not bottom-aligned.

Tiny, non-state font on Business 33 at Howell Road, which was to have interchanged with NJ 33 just to the south. Instead, go to the NJ 33 page (link below) to see what happened. The EAST 33 shield might be forgiven by the fact that until the freeway was completed as a Super-2, it would have temporarily been using the Business 33 alignment, but I think I'll pass on forgiving.

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