New Jersey Roads - Broad Ave. Bergen Co.

Broad Avenue, Palisades Park to Englewood

Based on what I see here, I'm not anxious for the next detour to be unveiled, on the ramp from Broad Ave. to US 46 WB. This is where US 1-9 joins US 46 and Broad Ave. gains its own identity.

Broad Ave. NB and SB at I-95. The overhead sign dates to the 1960's when this section was constructed and is one of the last NJDOT signs posted for this part of I-95 now that it has been taken over by the NJ Turnpike Authority (since 2000).

Approaching NJ 4 and its low overpass. Broad Ave. isn't a county road, so its signs don't have to meet any sort of standard - the wrong font is augmented with an upside-down inch mark. They also are erected by a number of agencies - you saw NJDOT signs above, and the GWB sign belongs to the Port Authority. (Granted, the PA also erected signs on county routes, but I haven't seen any on state routes - not that they were never there, either.)

A few years later, the important sign in the group is still there, but my, how the rest of the scene has changed!

The original pavement still covers the Broad Ave./NJ 4 EB ramp, which also serves a local neighborhood (hence the "RT-4 (N.Y.C.)" and "TO NY" homemade signs) right before the 4 merge. This ramp is barely two-way up to these signs to get people out of the neighborhood, but the EB curve onto the ramp would be too tight to make an off-ramp here. There's also no knowing when you first turn onto the ramp that it's two-way, but the volume is hopefully low enough to not cause many problems.

NB at Van Nostrand Ave. It's bad enough to have to patch a number on the shield, but this isn't even a shield. It's abstract modern art.

NB at Linden Ave., where Broad Ave. ends. The Stop Ahead sign is tiny and on the wrong side of the road. And, as you see, impossible to read. It's also hidden by trees. The only good thing I can say about it is that at least it's the correct colors.

Broad Ave. is continued north by two roads. The first (and the first photo) is Dana Place, which goes from Linden Ave. to CR 505, Palisade Ave. (apparently also CR 66, which you'll see if you click on that link). The second (and the second photo, looking left from the end onto Elkwood Terrace) is Lydecker St., which is a jog to the left on 505 from the end of Dana Pl. It's technically a separate road with a separate intersection, but both intersections are timed with a single signal controller so I'm going to cheat and include both old curve signs on the same page.

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