New Jersey Roads/Non-Roads - Old Boonton Sta.

Former Boonton Train Station

The abandoned southbound (inbound) rail station is along Division St. The new station is nearby and the tracks are still active, so please watch where you explore.

A hop, skip, and non-fatal jump across the tracks, and looking across from the old northbound station. The interesting handrail appears to use old railroad paraphernalia to guide former people to the former parking lot.

The northbound/outbound station has been repurposed as a restaurant and is therefore kept up, but the old architectural details remain.

Well, the old canopy hasn't been kept up, since there are no passengers anymore.

Closed now, this was once the tunnel pass-through for passengers who parked on one side but were in the train on the other side. (That's basically everyone who makes a round-trip.)

This isn't all about the station, either. For some reason, someone (the restaurant owner) hung a bunch of old signs on the fence behind the platforms. I've organized these not quite in south-north order, but grouped by warning, guide, and regulatory.

There's more! The first six were grouped together, and then these three - all embossed - are a short distance away. The NYO&W never owned track in New Jersey, and only operated here with trackage rights out of New York, so the sign is likely from out of state.

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