New Jersey Roads - Bloomfield


Embossed sign on Osborne St.

Not showing off Bloomfield's traditional blue street signage (slowly disappearing for conventional green with a conventional font and square corners), but rather Bloomfield's old ONE WAY signs, which make it easy for the legally blind drivers to read them.

A better example of the traditional blue sign, and a special JFK Drive-exclusive yellow street sign. To the left and down 20 feet is the Garden State Parkway.

Previous generation of blue sign.

Another old, uniquely Bloomfield sign.

This was posted 90 degrees to a parking entrance. So which way is thru traffic prohibited, straight or right?

Old circular reflectors guard the ends of the two traffic islands along East Passaic Ave. at Watchung Ave.

East Passaic Ave. NB and SB, respectively, at Centre St., near the Nutley border.

And now for something that's not a sign, Berkeley Ave. SB at Second River.

NB over the river, toward Montgomery St.

Hidden railroad overpass on the northeast corner of Dodd St. and Watsessing Ave.

This ancient street lamp carries on above Watsessing and Berkeley Aves. at Parkway West.

This old signal pole is on Broughton Ave.

On Parkway West off of Franklin St.

Finally, Willet St. heading north from Montgomery St., one of the roads that doesn't dead-end at the tracks.

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