New Jersey Roads - Atlantic Co.

Atlantic County

Courtesy William Gresham, the only 700-series county route in Atlantic County, a holdover from Camden County's numbering just across the border. In fact, William says this is the only 700+ route shield in the county.

Street signs of Egg Harbor City, courtesy Barry Caselli. Apparently a local resident painted the red ones.

CR 646, Delilah Road
CR 666
Atlantic City Expressway
A.C.E. Brigantine Connector
Garden State Parkway
US 9
US 30
US 40
US 322
NJ 50
NJ 52
NJ 54
NJ 87
NJ 152
NJ 187
CR 542
CR 552
CR 559
Alt. CR 559
CR 561
Alt. CR 561
CR 563
CR 575
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