New Jersey Roads - Airport Rd. Lakewood

Airport Road, Lakewood

A passel of southbound oddities to the south end of the road. This isn't a county road, so you have Lakewood to thank for the off font and duplicate signs, but the switched shields at the end are probably NJDOT. Pro tip: If you put the "keep left" on the right, some people will keep right instead. Been there, done that.

Southbound at the Garden State Pkwy. SB exit ramp to CR 528 at Exit 89, which uses Airport Rd. to connect, then proceeding along the graded rubble next to it. Why do I proceed thusly? Because this is becoming a new entrance ramp to head south, something this area lacks. My best guess for why there wasn't one already is that the Parkway generally serves traffic to/from the north, so it wasn't seen as necessary in the 1950s. It's definitely helpful now with the population explosion of Toms River and Lakewood.

Looking back west along the future onramp, as far as crews had gotten in June 2013.

Something's missing here. I can't quite put my blue and yellow finger on it. The only thing more wrong than this sign is how long it's remained in the field uncorrected.

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