New Jersey Roads - W. 2nd St., Middlesex

West 2nd Street, Middlesex

Valleybrook Dr. doesn't deserve to be a dead end if it's signed like this.

More strange decisions for signs, WB. The speed limit has thankfully been removed, but the bus sign remains with its 1930s-throwback lower font.

This is the sign that makes this a page, WB at the exact Dunellen border. I blame Middlesex for the radar sign but I have to credit them with the original, since it does say their name on top. Unless Dunellen put it up as a warning. But for what? Fortunately, there's a fun fact about embossed signs...

...they are punched through from the back! So here you learn that "checked by radar" was once "electrically timed." I threw in a mirrored photo to save your brain strain. Sadly, this sign was also removed in 2015, so in the end, I again blame Middlesex.

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