New Hampshire Roads - US 1

Circling around from SB to NB at the Massachusetts border and continuing to NH 101, where the alternate route departs. The problem with all of these signs is that US 1A only exists in Rhode Island and Maine - this is for NH 1A. Another problem is that I don't see why the detour would leave US 1 to head west, or further away from NH 1A.

The end of NH 88 EB, at US 1 of course.

The northbound US 1 signage for NH 101. NH 101 flies over US 1 as a Super-2 at this rotary interchange.

SB in the same place. Notice the old button-copy signs still standing here, though they've been removed since the photos were taken.

How did I miss this ancient SB trailblazer? It's everything I love: predates the Man in the Mountain shield, arrow inside the sign, cute little suffix letter.


Looking east along Sagamore Creek at sunrise.

On the left and right sides of South St. EB in Portsmouth. There are all sorts of wacky directional signs around the city that try to use as little metal as possible, and some of them are quite old, as you see.

One of the newer wacky ones, Pleasant St. WB. What font is on those 1 shields?

The now-deceased Memorial Bridge, carrying US 1 between New Hampshire and Maine, seen from the harbor to the east in 2011.

The beginning of the truss that is the main part of the drawbridge from Maine to Portsmouth.

SB across the Memorial Bridge. The bridge towers do what they're supposed to - tower over the rest of the bridge.

NB up to the bridge. You'll never see a green light again here, because it was permanently closed in 2011 for replacement and demolished in 2012, so enjoy all of the views you can.

Continuing north across the bridge. The grate covers have seen better days.

Looking west at the draw span that remains open (Bypass US 1) and the Piscataqua River Bridge on I-95 behind it. Although both bridges have two lanes and green lift structures, regular US 1 and Bypass US 1 are clearly very different beasts.

Finally, click to drive the bridge from New Hampshire into Maine.

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