New Hampshire Roads - NH 9

Approaching and then crossing the Connecticut River on NH 9 westbound, which becomes VT 9. Quite obviously, the old narrow bridge is to the left, and is still in use for pedestrians and bicycles. It was nice of NH and VT to make the two bridges look similar.

I finally have five minutes to spare to walk out on the old bridge (which is why it's still there). It's only a little less beautiful now that it's rusted.

Walking toward Vermont and taking a look upward to compare the two bridges. They are similar, but you can see that the old bridge had solid stringers tying the arch to the deck, whereas the newer (current NH-VT 9) bridge uses cables. The horizontal supports across the top of the arch are also a little different.

Looking south on the Connecticut River and back east into New Hampshire.

An old alignment of NH 9 past Spofford Lake.

Which is older: fading paint or yellowing sign?

WB in Concord at I-93 Exit 14. I-393 would like a wide shield, please.

Unusual, old, rounded yield sign on the I-93 NB onramp from NH 9.

Crossing the World War II Veterans Memorial Bridge EB out of Concord to Hazen Drive. I assume there's a license plate-related facility to the left there. For some reason, US 202 follows I-93 and I-393 past Concord while NH 9 is left alone, but the routes are together on either end. Why can't 202 stay with 9?

WB on that short stretch of NH 9 near Concord.

More EB signs in the same location, conveniently forgetting to mention US 202 or even US 4 with I-393. Although the signal sign is old, it's very unnecessary when you can see both the preceding signal and the following signal from that point.

If you're going to be old...
Why not be wrong too? These are EB in Dover.

Phone home before you take your bike into Maine - this curiously lettered bike route decides it would rather stay in NH.

US 202 and NH 9/US 202
NH 108 and NH 9/108

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