New Hampshire Roads - NH 4

NH 4

That's correct, no US 4 is this. Two 4's coexist peacefully in NH, but this one can't quite decide how to be signed. Wooden square on a post? '60's style signs? This example was EB in Dover, but NH 4 was moved so it rests on an old alignment.

Arrows don't go on top. That's silly. Putting your town name in the street blade is also silly, as it makes the sign less legible. The last block of Chapel St. is one-way EB, so NH 4 WB turns onto St. John St. and Broadway to make its left onto NH 9/108. It's far easier to follow the truck route to Main St. and follow the one-way downtown loop.

WB just inside the Maine border.

NH 108 and NH 4/9/108

Into Maine on 4
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