New Hampshire Roads - NH 3A

Typical NH border sign. There's something much cooler here, but I dropped it on the MA page, so finish reading this one and click through at the bottom.

NB at Chase St. in the center of Hudson, NH, just across the Merrimack River from Nashua, where NH 3A NB turns right to get to NH 111/102.

Overhead NB at that intersection. NH 102 no longer heads west (left), but begins here concurrent with NH 3A. These shields are not only old enough to lack the Old Man in the Mountain, but they're the only ones I've seen in the state with the arrows inside.

This is the very well-signed junction where NH 3A NB separates from NH 102, first with an old white-background shield (the newer ones are black-background), and then with a completely reversed shield sans dash. Then, for good measure, there's a new LGS with the wrong font, and on the left side of the road is an old LGS with a half-hearted dash, as if the contractor couldn't decide whether to put one or not and ended up hedging his bet.

NH likes to sign every city line with these tall vertical signs, and here adds an urban compact to the deal.

The way the routes run, NH 3A intersects I-293 on either end of town, so even though all of these signs are NB, you'd see the same sort SB (at the first shield, if you turn around you see the same exact one but pointing left for SB traffic following 3A).

Finally, found that I-293! Continue onto the I-293 page (link below) for a bit more signage on NH 3A.

NB north of Manchester, 93 needs to be an I-. NH 3A acts as a toll bypass for savvy travelers; it's even signed as the last exit before the toll, and puts you back on I-93 the first exit after it. So, why does the toll work? Tourists are heading up US 3 to I-293, or up I-93, and both are brought together briefly before they split for I-89 and I-93 to the north. Unless you have a map or if you just would rather stay on the highway, you get stuck. The Everett Turnpike, as you can see, does not end until this tollbooth, meaning it carries three different numbers, plus multiplexes with US 3 and NH 3A, plus a stretch without any numbered highway at all.

Continuing north to the actual beginning of I-89 - don't listen to what I-93 tells you. The 3A in the shield lacks the hyphen that most signage has.

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