New Hampshire Roads - NH 33

NH 33

Old NH 33, Portsmouth Ave., branches off EB in Greenland.

Islington St. at NH 33 south of Portsmouth, or what you see if you follow US 1 SB through Portsmouth and fail to turn left at an unsigned turn in the route from Congress St. to Middle St. Thanks, Portsmouth, I wouldn't have seen this otherwise. I don't know where all those extra blue signs came from.

And this is what you see if you give up on following US 1 and just take NH 33 back. The extra-wide I-95 shields are an anomaly, but blend in nicely with the old white-background NH 33 and poor-condition US 1 shields.

NH 33 EB has similarly old shields with a similar overabundance of blue signs. The first photo is at Peverly Hill Rd.

EB over Bypass US 1.

Hand-painted signs where NH 33 ends at US 1, or where Middle Rd. ends at Middle St. That could be the only such occurrence (of such unimaginative street naming) in the world.

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