New Hampshire Roads - NH 28

NH 28

The first lacks INTERSTATE in the shield, while the second, somewhat further south near where NH 28 becomes MA 28 (leads to Exit 1 on I-93), has NEW HAMPSHIRE in the shield as well and is old and cool. Both are SB.

The same problem on the EB leg of the intersection, which was NH 38 NB once upon a time.

SB up to the current NH 38 junction. Just because it's common to delete the word "Interstate" from LGS shields in New Hampshire doesn't mean I won't call it out every time I see it.

Overhead on NH 38 NB as it ends. Instead of following Pleasant St. to Main St. at the intersection with all the green signs, NH 38 now turns off to loop around the Mall at Rockingham Park, then turns onto Rockingham Park Blvd. to end. Admittedly Pleasant St. is residential, but it's much faster for NB traffic to continue north by following the old route. Traffic to I-93 NB is better served by using Policy St. to Main St. (Exit 2) instead of this circuitous route to Exit 1.

Button copy at the breakup of US 3/NH 28 SB in Manchester.

Shields predating the Man in the Mountain design, which are getting very hard to find now, in the NH 11 circle in Alton.

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