New Hampshire Roads - NH 27/111

NH 27 and NH 27/111

Short bridge on High St. east of Water St. in Exeter, carrying NH 27, NH 108, and NH 111 across the Squamscott River, seen facing south in the last photo.

Older stuff the other way.

NH 27 WB and onto Liberty Lane. NH 27 is old NH 101C, and meets the newer NH 101 freeway just east of the I-95 junction. (Although NH 27 runs next to what is now NH 101, the freeway was built as NH 51 and 101 went to Portsmouth, so it's not an old alignment.) Along with a Turnpike maintenance road, Liberty Lane is part of the old trumpet junction between I-95 and NH 27 (back when it was NH 101C). Notice that the sign lacks INTERSTATE in the shield, a common mistake by NHDOT on newer LGS's.

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